Maharishi School of Excellence, Chennai is a part of Maharishi Global Education Movement ::: Maharishi Vidya Mandir School chain is one of the largest school systems with 170 branches in 16 states ::: Over 100000 students in 170 branches ::: About 6500 teaching, administrative and support staff ::: Maharishi Vedic Science based-Consciousness based-Unified Field based integrated system of Ideal Education ::: Course based on Central Board of Secondary Education Pattern ::: Excellent Extra ordinary academic achievement and co-curricular activities.

Consciousness Based-Atma Based System of Ideal Education at Maharishi School of Excellence School integrates the theory and practice of Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field-the self-referral field of consciousness to achieve outstanding results. This system of education has already been tested, perfected and validated throughout the world. The following subjects are introduced at every grade level in schools in phases:

Maharishi Vedic Science , Social Studies , Science , Mathematics , Computer Science , Physical Education , Language , Arts, Music, Dance & Painting

Faculty and Students practice Transcendental Meditation Technique for a few minutes twice a day, before the class and after the class, thereby refreshing before entering the class and returning home fresh. Being a CBSE affiliated school, we follow conventional curriculum in Hindi/Regional Language/English medium. In addition to this, provision has been made for learning Sanskrit as a compulsory subject. Students are also being given knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science, Yog, Indian traditions and culture.

Computer Science

Computer Science is also introduced at class III standard and higher classes. To reinforce the spirit of learning and prepare students for global careers, school has two fully equipped computer labs (junior & senior). The computers are latest in configuration and are loaded with various operating systems, educational and other useful software. Internet is provided as per the requirement of curriculum.


Sustainable Architecture: The focus on a green and energy-efficient campus is an important step in creating campuses in accord with natural Law. The school buildings are designed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Ved-Vastu Vidya-Vedic Architecture, the most ancient and supreme system of country, town, village and home planning. Vastu design and construction in accord with Natural Law-connects individual life with cosmic life, individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence, and creates ideal study and living conditions. The orientation (north, south, east, west) of residential and study buildings contributes a great deal to success, health, happiness and fortune on the individual level. A considerable amount of ill health, misfortune, and suffering is eliminated by studying, living and working in properly oriented schools, homes and offices. Our schools are designed very carefully by most experienced Sthapatya Ved experts.

Pollution-Free Campus

One of the most remarkable features about Maharishi School of Excellence School is that campuses are located out of pollution in a peaceful atmosphere. Every campus of MSE schools is pollution-free. In order to support the healthy lifestyle, smoking and uses of alcohol and tobacco products are totally banned in our campus with additional support of lot of greenery.


Fully developed play grounds and courts are available. All students are counselled and inspired to choose one or more areas of sports. Physical education promotes fitness, cooperation, sportsmanship and school spirit. Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence School has many play fields where different popular sports like cricket, volleyball, hockey, foot-ball and tennis are played under the guidance and supervision of qualified game teachers/instructors.

Apart from these Indoor games like carom, table tennis and chess are also pursued with equal fervour.

Horse Riding

Fear is the most damnable and damaging thing to human personality in the world. Thinking about this Maharishi School of Excellence has introduced Horse Riding training in the school premises. Horses are kept in a stable and expert specially has been appointed to train the students.


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